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Redundancies coming at work.specific timing/mat leave question.

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nymphadora Mon 13-Dec-10 15:00:01

My role is being combined with 2 others as part of a restructure. All of us doing one of these roles will be ringfenced for the new role.voluntary redundancy is being offered & current empty posts won't be filled but this will still leave more staff than posts. Competitive interviews to be held in Feb. New structure comes in place 1 April.

I'm currently on mat leave and hoping to stay off until July( unless I get a different job!) but my 6 months ends 29 march. Does this cover me re being entitled to a job?

fairtradefloozy Mon 13-Dec-10 21:22:53

Hello, just been through this . Sounds like the usual nightmare scenario. Your HR dept have to speak to you separately about your situation and how they/you want to manage it. They have to manage you slightly differently.

nymphadora Tue 14-Dec-10 08:43:14

So far HR have been pretty crap with pg related queries which can't be that unusual. Union is v difficult to get hold of at the moment as they are run off their feet with council cuts/redundancies/pay restructure/equal pay claims all happening at once.

nymphadora Tue 14-Dec-10 12:43:31


nymphadora Wed 15-Dec-10 11:01:22

And again

nymphadora Sun 02-Jan-11 16:58:01

Final bump going to contact union this week.

flowerytaleofNewYork Sun 02-Jan-11 18:05:22

What exactly do you mean does it 'cover you'?

You do get extra protection during mat leave in that if your job is redundant and there is a suitable alternative vacancy you should be offered it. So if that is the case, and the new structure takes effect during your mat leave, then that protection would apply to you.

Is that what you mean?

stargirl30 Sun 02-Jan-11 18:08:38

If union no help you could try ACAS. I had a different query related to maternity leave and they were able to point me in the right direction to get the advice I needed.

nymphadora Sun 02-Jan-11 19:38:01

Flowery- yes,so just as long as long as the restructure happens while I'm off?

flowerytaleofNewYork Sun 02-Jan-11 19:40:52

As long as it happens while you are off and as long as your position is redundant and there is a suitable alternative vacancy yes.

nymphadora Sun 02-Jan-11 20:47:59

Thanks. They are changing 3 posts into 1 post and will be about 1/4 staff losing jobs. We will all be ring fenced to those posts then interviewed. Does that mean I get a post without an interview? Will I have same rights as other staff to express a preference to which team?

flowery Sun 02-Jan-11 22:50:24

Bit confused sorry- now sounds as though you are talking about more than 3 posts to 1 post. You will be ring fenced with how many people to how many posts?

What is happening to your specific job? If your job is redundant but there are suitable vacancies in several different teams, your employer would need to offer you one of them, but wouldn't have to allow you to choose which one.

nymphadora Mon 03-Jan-11 07:07:19

200ish to 120ish. Only 40 ish would be suitable travel wise as the others are too far.
So far we are in consultation period. All teams are changing, my current section is being split & merged to make 3 sections rather than 4. All staff are to apply for teams then have competitive interviews. To be implemented from 1st April.

flowery Mon 03-Jan-11 11:06:22

Ok sounds as though you are entitled to be offered one of the new roles, however have no right to pick which one. I would suggest writing to your employer formally saying that you understand you are entitled to be offered a role and asking them to notify you in writing how the process will be adapted to take that into account.

nymphadora Mon 03-Jan-11 12:17:30

Thanks. we havent had final plan yet but will speak to the union and HR. I can relax a bit now though. Have been getting v anxious about it & am heading into PND territory

nymphadora Tue 04-Jan-11 15:48:26

Spoken to Union & they agreed with flowery & told me who to contact etc.

one less thing to stress about anyway ...

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