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Anyone know if there are rules which govern a restructure of a department?

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Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 09-Dec-10 20:48:48

Basically we've been told that our department may be facing a restructure, and that we will all have input into what the new structure will look like. There will be no redundancies and no new staff, but it should be seen as an opportunity to 'start again from scratch'. No names will be put next to jobs, which makes me concerned that this will be a paper exercise and an excuse to swap staff onto higher/lower grades.

Anyone know if there are any guidelines governing this?

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Dec-10 20:49:30

Just employment law re redundancy etc afaik.

Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 09-Dec-10 20:52:25

There will be no redundancies - does employment law cover restructuring as a 'cover' for moving staff upwards/downwards?

It's a tiny team - already a horrible atmosphere

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Dec-10 20:55:04

Sorry, I know you said there won't be actual redundancies, but I'm wondering if there's something along the lines of if there isn't a job that's suitable for you (i.e. same pay and conditions) then you will be made redundant by default, unless you accept a lower grade job?
Suppose that's what you are in fact asking so bumping for someone who knows

Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 09-Dec-10 20:56:49

LOL! Yes, exactly what I'm asking grin

Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 09-Dec-10 21:19:17

shameless bump

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Dec-10 21:26:14

and again

hairyfairylights Thu 09-Dec-10 21:49:43

If I were you I'd look at sites like Directgov.

I think that an employer can change terms and conditions, if it is within a restructure, but has to give appropriate notice? They should consult on the process, and that is what they have started to do.

Can't imagine it does much for morale though.

Could it be because there are issues with some individuals who can't be dealt with in other ways, or that they think this is an easier way of dealing with problem people?

Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 09-Dec-10 22:08:36

Thanks, will have a look at DirectGov.

It doesn't seem to be about dealing with problem people - we're such a small team, and actually work very well and very productively. We have 2 managers who seem intent on 'managing', iykwim, and this is one in a long line of things that is destroying our morale. Yes, I agree that this is part of the consultation process, but actually we work very well as we are and could continue to do so without any major restructuring and simply some minor alterations to some of the tasks we do sad

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