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Submitting flexible working request - suggestions?

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belleofbelfastcity Mon 06-Dec-10 17:35:43

I'm planning on submitting a request for flexible working on my post-mat leave return in March and have an informal chat with my manager this week about my ideas on how this could work. I'm wondering how to approach this chat and then how to frame/phrase my flexible working application for best results.

I would like to return full time, but work 3 days at home and 2 days in the office. My DH can't change his working pattern yet as he's up for promotion early next year and doesn't want to scupper that - he will ask for 1 day at home if he is successful and I could then do 3 days in the office, potentially from May onwards.

Before I went on leave, my manager and I discussed the possibility of my taking on more of a project-based role rather than having the very long days (early starts and/or late nights, 2 or 3 days a week) of the work we do, but not in the context of working from home.

My main issue is that I now live 2 hours away from work (was 20 minutes before) and obviously will have to leave bang on time to get home to DS and relieve the nanny (if my suggestion is accepted, I will hopefully nanny share 2 days and CM 3) on the days I'm in the office and would not really be able to commit to the early starts/late nights that the rest of the team do as DH isn't always able to leave on time.

Has anyone got any positive stories about their flexi working application being accepted and what sort of things do you think employers want to read in an application to help my chances?

TIA for your input...

slipperthief Mon 06-Dec-10 20:15:13

I didn't go back full time but my ex-boss was fine about flexi start times and occasional home working.

As long as you can demonstrate that you've thought things through so your work / the business won't be affected, like

- how you'd comunicate from home, including input into meetings on your home days (skype?),

- how you'd keeep your boss / rest of the team up to date with your workload, esp if someone had to cover some of it if DC were ill,

- how you'll make up your hours eg if you get delayed in traffic,

- other IT things like software,

- whether you could be flexible in what days you're in the office? So could attend meetings with enough notice?

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