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Agency work.....experiences?

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Tortington Thu 02-Dec-10 17:20:27

ive been made redundant and have given my cv to an agency. they want me to go in and register with them on monday.

NOW...the thing is i'm not desperate or owt at the moment, i'm kinda seeing whats what. I'm having time off in leui of notice - so i am actually being paid at the moment - so money isn't an issue as yet.

I don't really know what to expect - can i go in and say 2 i am looking for x position , in x field and will not work for under x amount"?

how formal is this interview /registration? could i go in my jeans although i;m after a management position?

i also have this overriding feeling that agencies are bullshit, that i will be scammed in some way - not paid or something - although i have absolutley no evidence to back this up, so i am very interested to hear views.

PS. i am aware of any tax implications as i will at this point be considered to have two jobs

flowerybeanbag Thu 02-Dec-10 19:29:50

Don't go in your jeans. They are forming an impression of you and are more likely to feel confident putting you forward for management positions if you give off a management vibe.

It will be about discussing your experience and what you are after in terms of types of role and salary expectations, so yes fine to bring all that up.

What kind of agency is it? Is it looking for permanent/contract jobs or temping? No reason to think you wouldn't get paid either way, but it's only if it's temping through the agency that they get involved in paying you anyway.

alphabetti Thu 02-Dec-10 21:21:36

I work as a receptionist/administrator in a recruitment agency.

I would advise you going smart casual. You will have to take with you a form of photographic ID and proof of NINO. You will probably have to fill in a registration form and then have an informal interview to find out what experience you have and just to get a rough idea of what type of person you are.

IEach assignment you work you will be sent a confirmation letter which will state the amount you will be paid. You won't be told what the exact client rate is though. People often think that agencys take a cut of your money but all that happens is they charge the client a little extra for supplying you!

After a certain length of time there may be the opportunity for you to be taken on permanently by the employer.

My agency also supplys permanent staff. The client will then be paying your wages.

Agency work is great for filling in gaps between jobs as when you find a permanent job you can leave without giving any notive if you wish. Also remember with agency work you still get holidays as you would with any other job.

Also if you have a P45 make sure you show them it when you start an assignment for them. If you don't have one ask to fill in a P46, as it will stop you from being emergancy taxed.

Tortington Thu 02-Dec-10 21:58:40

thanks that is really helpdul

i'll put on a suit then

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