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Changes to contracts re holidays

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chairfrog Tue 23-Nov-10 20:39:42

My office normally shuts over the Xmas period and we get these days off on top of our standard holiday days. The email went out today saying what the closing dates are and said that this would be the last year that we would get these discretionary days.

I guess this means they will be changing our contracts during the course of next year - is this a matter of them just issuing new ones or should there be any consultation?

This year we are getting 4 days, previous years has been more actually.


hairytriangle Tue 23-Nov-10 20:43:43

They are giving you thirteen months notice of this change. I guess you could argue 'custom and practice' but I don't think you've really got a leg to stand on and it's probably not worth the fight.

They should consult on change of contract, but they can (AFAIK) impose it if there are business reasons to do so, and they are giving you lots of notice!

We ask staff to keep three days behind, and we generally give three or four additional. But we always make it clear that this is a year on year arrangement, and nothing is guaranteed.

RibenaBerry Tue 23-Nov-10 21:48:41

I think Hairy is right. However, I think you need to get clarity whether they still plan to close, and require you to keep holiday back, or whether they are just saying that they won't totally close except on bank holidays.

Tootlesmummy Wed 24-Nov-10 20:37:44

Also if they are discretionary days then I don't believe this will require a change to your contract. Agree you need to find out if you will need to keep days if they intend to shut.

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