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Ante natal appointments

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Cyclebump Mon 22-Nov-10 11:08:37

I work in media, specifically on a magazine. I am involved in sending said magazine to press. Having worked for a large publishing house me and the mag were sold to a much smaller one in July. Three weeks after the move, I discovered I was pg.

I had my 20-week scan last week and it fell on press day. They wouldn't move it (I begged). I put together a contingency plan, came in ASAP and mag went out on time. Unfortunately, they were unable to check blood flow to the heart as the baby was in the wrong position and a repeat scan has been scheduled, again on a press day. Again, the hospital will not move it.

I emailed my boss telling him why I had to have the scan again and explaining that I'd put together a contingency plan again. I also said I had attempted to change the appointment without success.

He's now sent me an email with a fairly nasty tone saying I shouldn't have appointments on press days.

I'm a bit upset as I have always tried to set appointments around work.

I can't get into trouble if the hospital won't move the appointment can I?

tigerbear Mon 22-Nov-10 11:18:35

Hi Cycle - sorry you are experiencing this. Your boss sounds like a right idiot. Employers are by law required to give reasonable time off for antenatal appointments, without any sort of bullying. Did you get an advice booklet from your midwife at your first scan? They usually have good advice regarding what to do in these situations. Your employer can't get away with 'getting you in trouble' or giving you a telling off.
FFS, what does he expect you to do??

Albrecht Mon 22-Nov-10 11:22:50

You are allowed time off for appointments here

In writing, point out it is your legal right to attend appointments, that you cannot change the appt, you have done your best to organise everything etc. (And maybe remind him that stress during pregnancy could lead you to taking sick days that you cannot be disciplined for.)

He sounds either ignorant of his responsibilities or a bully. Do you have HR person and/or maternity policy to back you up?

Cyclebump Mon 22-Nov-10 11:45:19

I think it's more ignorance than malice.

Thanks guys, I knew I was in the right, I just needed some friendly backing!

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