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Help, unsure what work will do

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wallflowersuzie Tue 16-Nov-10 20:41:06

Basically about a month ago, while i was in charge, a child was missed off the morning and afternoon register but on the lunch time one, basically meaning they were missed on one or both of the other registers. I was the one who took all three registers so this is my fault.

I have fully taken responsibility for the mistake and understand the grand scale of a mistake it is. (no one can make me feel worse about it)

I recieved a letter the friday after this happened telling me i was no longer required to work on a monday (the day i was in charge) and the subject would be discussed at a commitee meeting on the 2nd November (in which i wrote a statement as a back up so they didnt think i didnt care) and i shall be informed of any decision shortly. Its now been 4 weeks since i got the letter and 3 weeks since the commitee meeting and i have heard nothing at all. Not from the chairman, my boss or anyone.

Every time i go to work i'm sick to the stomach thinking theres a letter or someone waiting to tell me i'm fired.

I'm quite a timid person and for some reason feel wrong asking for answers that surely i should have already got?

Does anyone know what could happen. Most people say a disipline meeting, is this all i'll get? I really dont want to lose my job, i love childcare

seeyoukay Tue 16-Nov-10 21:25:31

Committee? Is this a voluntary thing? A school or such like?

Are you a volunteer?

wallflowersuzie Wed 17-Nov-10 19:06:38

No i'm a pre-school assistant, i've worked there for three years now.

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