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Managing boss

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Speckledeggy Fri 12-Nov-10 22:47:19

I've recently started a new job. My new boss is lovely but he's an organisational nightmare and talks incessantly. I, on the other hand, am a complete control freak and know where I am up to on every single project I am up to. Much as I like to talk, I am quiet and tend to 'just get on with it'.

My boss seems incapable of using email and, despite having a daily meeting, constantly interrupts me during the day very often shouting out from his office. If I send him an email he either doesn't answer it or shouts out the answer about 20 minutes later. If I ask him a question verbally I more often that not get an answer which turns into a related story about his sister's dog's vet's brother's relationship with the woman down the road who had a wooden leg. You get the picture...

He is driving me to distraction and a couple of times today I just cut him dead. I know it's not the solution and I normally pride myself on how I deal with people at work, however, I am just stumped with him.

Does anyone have any great suggestions? This is a contract so I fear I may not be staying very long at the moment...

seeyoukay Sat 13-Nov-10 00:15:02

Hide your mobile in your pocket dial your office phone. Hang up when you leave the answer it

Tigerrevsup Sat 13-Nov-10 00:27:43

stand up whenever you see him, and say it would be so good to talk to him but you're on the way to a vvvvv important meeting. I had a colleague like this, had to get my secretary to ring me after 30mins if I was in meeting w him, or you could just set your mobile to ring.

Speckledeggy Sat 13-Nov-10 09:07:03

Great ideas, however...

I'm in a security controlled area so cannot use my mobile. I am his PA!

I've only done two weeks and I'm stressed out already. Thing is, he's not really that busy he just turns everything into a mammoth task by continually asking me if I've done this or done that. I feel like saying, "If you could just shut up for five minutes..."

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