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Need some more help on suspension

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wubbzy1981 Sun 07-Nov-10 23:09:36

History. Husband was suspended early september for harrassment and violence. He was not told why at time and suspected manager was setting him up which is a history in itself.

Took weeks before he heard anything but he did put a grievance in about the manager who was investigating and asked for someone else.

Company declined this as they said he was only investigating the matter and would not be making the final decision. Husband also queried suspension on grounds that is was a long time without contact and he did not know what he had done wrong, he asked why they felt it neccessary to suspend when a physical fight had broken up days before and the people involved were made to use mediation before returning to their jobs.

meeting finally came up. husband had 4 witness statements against him. all slighlty different but all basically saying he did it.

husband asked why his witnesses were not called and meeting was ajourned. Hs witnesses have now been called and all they say is that they can not remember any incidences.

On top of that management have called another witness who claims to have been there et he is not mentioned in any other witness statements.

The accussations are fairly terrible and I expect husband to be sacked. I have suggested that he contact them now and try to diffuse situation by requesting mediation?

Can anyone help or give advice on anything he could do?

flowerybeanbag Mon 08-Nov-10 09:32:47

When you say he's had his meeting with witnesses being called etc, presumably this was the disciplinary hearing, so he's just waiting to be told the outcome? Did they give him a timescale?

His next step will be to appeal if he's been dismissed.

SparkleSoiree Mon 08-Nov-10 09:34:59

You can contact ACAS for some free support/information about rights.

seeyoukay Mon 08-Nov-10 13:00:51

Well the bug question is did he do it?

wubbzy1981 Mon 08-Nov-10 20:42:55

No he didn't, there was an incident the day before which he resulted in someone else being suspended. the said guy had gone into the office of the manager to complain that the guy he was working with was being abusive. manager told him that he was being suspended for refusing to woork,

This person asked my husband to bear witness to his suspension. the next day my husband was suspended for threatening to kill the other guy for getting "his friend" suspended. husband shocked as no incident took place. however the group of pals all have written statements to say it did happen.

Flowery, the meeting was part of husbands investigation. he was only informed of the details at that meeting which has taken 2 months. He didn't know what the acussations were and so was unable to call witness.

wubbzy1981 Mon 08-Nov-10 20:46:50

sorry to make myself clear, when he was initially suspended he was told it was for threats of physical violence. He only found out details at the meeting.

Husbands witness has said he was not aware of any incidents and thats all he could say.

Someone has informed husand that said manager told him that he had husbands card marked and he will be gone soon but that person is not willing to testify after what they have done to husband.

wubbzy1981 Mon 08-Nov-10 21:09:03

One final thing to add, the guy who was oriinally suspended handed his notice in as a result of the situation. There is no way of contacting him and he does not seem to be taking further action.

wubbzy1981 Tue 09-Nov-10 14:17:27


They have called today to do the actual hearing.

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