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Help - what do you think?

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follyfoot Thu 21-Oct-10 11:37:34

I was made redundant a few weeks ago from the NHS. Was on a decent salary. Have applied for a number of NHS posts but am finding that whatever is about will inevitably result in a fairly large paycut, which I fully understand. I applied for one job which I have been shortlisted for (hurray) at a large local hospital. Part-time only and much lower grade so wages would be around a third of what I was on; also one year contract only. BUT if I was successful and got the post, it would get me into the hospital and perhaps able to move back up the ladder.

Couldnt do the original interview date as we are away on holiday, so they have just rung me to offer an alternative date which I accepted. Couldnt face telling them that I was actually away on this date too (its a spa break for me and best friend which was a present for us from DH). Did warn best friend that I might have to cancel break if interview arose. She works in education so it would be Christmas or next year when we could rearrange.

Soooooo should I cancel our night away and go for the rearranged interview (despite awful salary and 1 year contract only) or should I go back to them and say thanks but no thanks and hang on for (hopefully) something on better money/full time? I have another 5 or 6 applications in but its such a lottery even getting shortlisted.

Any thoughts really appreciated

Bster Thu 21-Oct-10 13:56:40

I think that these are two separate questions. If you'd be willing to accept the job (despite the low pay etc) if it were offered to you and really need the work, then personally I would cancel the weekend and rearrange it for some other time. But I wouldn't let the spa cloud your judgement (if you see what I mean). If it's a job that you want to go for and you would take it if it were offered, then I'd go to the interview, rather than the spa. If you're not that bothered about it and think something else could come up soon (or if you're not desperate for work) then I'd go to the spa!

homemade Thu 21-Oct-10 14:05:57

Which is more important - livelihood or weekend away (costs money) which can be re-arranged?

follyfoot Thu 21-Oct-10 14:32:42

Really good point about the two questions....and I think thats why am in a quandary as not sure that I would accept the job. But have looked at the departmental structure and there are about eight roles above this job that am probably qualified to do so plenty to move into if I was successful in getting it. Think if nothing else turned up then yes I would take it, but am in for about 6 others, all full time so all would be more money. But then again, a job is better than no job.

Ho hum.

The spa was all paid for ages ago by lovely DH so no costs to be incurred if we did go.

lapislazuli Sat 27-Nov-10 16:59:09

I've previously whinged on here when I was in my old job which was making me miserable to the point of almost resigning without having the safety net of a new job (which I could never realistically afford to do).
Anyway, this year I was blessed by a huge dollop of luck, and a new job presented itself to me without me having to barely lift a finger - I still can't believe how brilliantly it all fell into place, and a few months on, I am very happy in my new job.
When I was still in my old job (very long hours and very stressful), I got pregnant and miscarried, and although it's no one's fault, I am sure the stress, tiredness and anxiety I was going through at the time didn't help. Afterwards, I looked at it from the point of view that it was just as well I didn't have to go through with working there and coping with a pregnancy at the same time.
So...I started the new job thinking the whole time that while I really wanted to make a good go of it, I also couldn't wait to get pregnant again (what with the clock ticking etc..).
So I am now at the point of being pregnant again , coupled with the fact that I am petrified of miscarrying again, but also filled with dread at the thought of telling my new employers, which I'm going to have to do soon.
I just don't want them to be disappointed in me, and I don't want them to think that I had this planned from the very beginning - what I mean is I didn't just accept the job in order to get pregnant - for me, I see it as a long-term job, maternity leave or no maternity leave, and although yes of course my pregnancy was planned, I can't help that this job coincided with me wanting a baby. Men are so lucky they don't have all this to think about.
Anyway, I suppose I am asking for advice on how to tell my bosses, but still sound professional. I mean we have quite an informal, relaxed relationship so it's not like I would have an intimidating meeting to contend with. In some ways it's easier if you work for a huge faceless company that you don't have a direct relationship with the owners/directors. To tell employers in a job you care about but have only been there a short time I'm finding very difficult! I am not sure how I will approach it or how they will react. Even if they outwardly seem pleased for me, you just know, as any employer, inside they are thinking "oh great, now this to deal with" and I couldn't bear it if they then go away thinking that I'd used them (as they have since gathered how much I hated my old job).
Sorry for the long post, and I'd love to hear from anyone who's had to deal with anything similar.

lapislazuli Sat 27-Nov-10 17:00:29

Sorry! Just realised I didn't post a new message, but rather hit reply by mistake blush. Will repost - double blush

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