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Is sibling up to something

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Dana28 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:05:52

I am one of 6 children. Me and one of my siblings have poa for dad and mum.mum also has poa for dad.Dad has mild to moderate dementia. He has mostly short term memory loss .Hd is otherwise capable of reasonable rational thought and decision making.
He was admitted to hospital and then a care home following a spate of falls caused by low BP totally against his will.he was deemed to need full-time care and expressed a preference for a live in carer at home. Mum said she would not agree to it and doesn't want dad back.She has said she is not the man she married and wants nothing more to do with him.she us not used to making her own used to make them all.siblinv with poa has taken control of her and telling her what to do.i have just activated poa at the banks and note the dB and or mum have moved £300ka
from dad's bank to mums.
She wants to buy a flat on a retirement development and is putting the house on the knows nothing about this or that mum has finished with him.worse sibling basset up some sort of trust fund for mums money with him as trustee I think and mums will has changed.
Dad Is now over the falling down and I think could easily manage at home with support.sibling and mum are very secretive and defensive about what they have been doing.
I am not convinced they are acting in dad's best interests?

wigglypiggly Sun 14-Apr-19 22:50:12

It sounds complicated. If you feel your dad is being.financially abused you must call Elder Anuse UK and adult social services safeguarding team. If you're worried about the poa please call the office if the public guardian and tell them your concerns.

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