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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 06-Apr-19 01:08:09

For context, I'm considering a career change.

If you're looking for tradespeople, do you find that your elderly parents are worried about letting strange men into their home, and if so would they be less worried if it was a woman?

If so would you a seek out and / or pay a reasonable premium for a female tradesperson to visit your elderly relative?

wigglypiggly Sat 06-Apr-19 11:15:06

I can see why some elderly women might prefer a female tradesperson, we have a team of female decorators where I live and they get a lot of work from elderly ladies. IME people dont like having tradespeople in, it's a invasion and can be messy so it's important to respect people and their homes. I wouldn't pay extra, I would look for someone with a good reputation, hardworking, honest and reliable. Paying a premium makes it sound like discrimination.

Mosaic123 Tue 09-Apr-19 13:28:08

If they hoover or tidy up each evening that would good.

wonkylegs Tue 09-Apr-19 13:36:01

My MIL was a female plumber and although she was a fairly mediocre plumber she had a raft of elderly customers who loved her. I would say that she was 50% plumber and 50% company often sticking around for tea & a chat.
I don't think people would pay a premium for the service but you may find you would have a loyal following once established and would get recommendations.

Tomtontom Tue 09-Apr-19 13:41:48

My partner is a tradesman and (he) regularly works for older customers, male and female. The customer is more interested in how someone comes across than their gender. If you're friendly, not patronising and happy to have a little chat they won't care who you are.

Doorway Tue 09-Apr-19 13:48:01

I completely get where you’re coming from on this. Looking at it from the other side though ... older people can be more used to stereotypical male and female roles so would maybe take a bit more convincing that a woman is ‘up to the job’. Not saying that can’t be done though!

Disclaimer, those aren’t my personal beliefs on the subject

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