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Hip replacement for mum 88

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IrianOfW Thu 28-Mar-19 10:35:37

Hi, having posted and got loads of advice when both my parents were in hospital recently, i am back with another question.

Mum has arthritis. It's worst in her left hip. She has been asking for a hip replacement for ages as she is otherwise hale and hearty. GP always says no. She believes it is because she is my dad's main carer but I think that is fairly unlikely. She had a fall recently and was admitted for a suspcted broken hip but as they established it was not broken the op did not happen. She is now considering going privately.

What are the pros and cons of private treatment? Will she get decent follow-up care if she goes privately? Can she self-pay even if her GP still won't refer her?


thesandwich Thu 28-Mar-19 12:59:03

I wonder why the gp isn’t keen. Dm had hers done at 88 privately... op went well but it is the follow up needed- physio etc available. Is she on complex x medication? Dm had hers under spinal block so no ga.
She could ask for a private referral from her gp.

IrianOfW Thu 28-Mar-19 13:59:28

Thanks. No medication other than the strongest painkillers the GP can give her. Her sister is 97 and still reasonable fit. If mum could get rid of the pain in her hip she's be a new woman!

She is planning to see another GP at the practice on Tuesday who is less obstructive. She plans to ask again and if the GP still says no suggest she is prepared to pay and will they refer her.

IrianOfW Thu 28-Mar-19 14:00:33

Oh and the GP kept reducing the strength of her painkillers month by month so that she was almost crippled with the pain. he does seem to be particularly unsympathetic.

thesandwich Thu 28-Mar-19 18:26:00

That sounds v tough. Get her to push the other gp! After care is worth thinking about who will look after her post op?

Calyx72 Sun 31-Mar-19 10:20:12

Can she go to physio and ask if they can refer her to ortho or at least write to GP asking for ortho referral?

I'm wondering why GP won't refer. Has she a medical condition which would increase risks of surgery?

NewspaperTaxis Wed 03-Apr-19 15:48:26

Sigh... have you heard of the increasingly common tactic of 'running the clock down'...? Your mother is 88 - I trust I don't need to join the dots.

It may simply be down to money. The NHS doesn't necessarily want to fund that kind of thing for someone of that age. Doesn't matter how otherwise hale and hearty they are.
You'll find other situations where, say, a PEG is needed for an elderly person but the NHS will drag its feet and run the clock down. Soon enough... problem solved. However, an offer to go private elicits a very different response and I wouldn't be particularly surprised if someone gets kick backs for that happening anyway.
Sounds like you have to go private, and the advantage is the sooner you do it the better. Maybe have a little ask around to see if anyone else did that and with whom.
That said, I've not known of anyone having a hip replacement because of arthritis, often it is just wear and tear, but I am no expert in that regard. My mother had one years ago because she broke her hip and I'd also suggest a bone scan for your Mum and Dad too for that matter to anticipate any kind of osteoporosis.
It really is all about anticipating and prevention.

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