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Nighttime incontinence pants

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CMOTDibbler Tue 26-Mar-19 16:51:18

The time has come where my mum needs to wear something all the time at night as she is now wetting the bed properly - before a Tena pad and the backup of a bed mat was enough, and she was accepting that OK.

Any recommendations on a disposable pant (dad couldn't manage to get a full pad on her, and they don't have a bedtime carer as yet)? I've ordered a few different types, but its hard to tell from descriptions online how good they will be and if I can minimise the bed sheet washing for their carers its great (not that the carers mind, but dad is terribly embarrassed on mums behalf - the dementia means she is blissfully unaware)

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:07:24

i would go for the boots staydry night pants. all the best x

wigglypiggly Wed 27-Mar-19 12:57:17

You can get in touch with the nurse at the GP practice and see if they can organise a continence assessment service for you, this could involve getting pads on prescription and a disposal service, they do it where I live. You can buy mattress protectors from Wilko which are washable, bedpads on line and we always used the TenaPads but found Tesco pull ups just as good and a lot cheaper. This must be uncomfortable for her, ask for a social services assessment as he may be able to claim attendance/carers allowance and maybe suggest equipment at home like a commode, continence alarm and she may benefit from a skin assessment.

CMOTDibbler Wed 27-Mar-19 13:06:43

Thanks both. Dad already gets attendance allowance for both him and mum, and they have toilet frame, bed rails, bath lift, chair risers etc. I will get him to mention it to the district nurses though ironically it is dad who has terribly fragile skin and pretty constant leg ulcers.

The pants I ordered arrived yesterday and mum refused to wear them last night, so their carer is having words today. There's always a new problem...

wigglypiggly Wed 27-Mar-19 13:53:33

Oh dear, it can be so difficult sometimes, there always seems to be something new. If you dad has fragile skin have they given him a hospital type bed and pressure mattress, there might be a community tissue viability nurse.

CMOTDibbler Wed 27-Mar-19 14:27:29

He does see a tissue viability nurse as his skin is related to an auto immune disease that affects the bond between skin cells as well as his impaired bloodflow and diabetic neuropathy. No suggestion of a pressure mattress, but he hasn't had any actual pressure sores as of yet. I'm not sure how he would manage getting in and out of bed as much as he does at night on a pressure mattress either. He doesn't sleep well and is on high alert for mum (who sleeps pretty well considering she goes to bed at 7.15 exactly)

minesasaugagesupper Sat 30-Mar-19 19:31:11

I'm sure you already know this but are the bed pads being put ON TOP of the sheet? My mum was ringing me, sometimes twice a night, to say the bed was wet. It wasn't until I spoke to her SW to ask if it was possible for a night time carer call to get her up to the toilet, that I realised that I had been using them wrong for years by putting them under the sheet! Yes, I am an idiot. Did the same with my DS when he was young - could have saved myself a lot of washing smile

Anyway, a mixture of the tena pants, sahara bed pads (more than one so they can just be whipped off in the night) and a night time carer toileting call has sorted things out for me.

In my opinion Tena pants are the best. You should be able to get them from your district nurse if your mum isn't coping with pads.

CMOTDibbler Tue 09-Apr-19 19:48:13

So, back to this again... mum is either refusing to wear the pants, or sneaking them down in the morning and putting them in the washing machine which is a bit of an issue (don't ask me how she manages to still use the washing machine when she can do so little), and trying to intercept her has ended with her getting really agitated.

As a last ditch attempt before we have to try and do bedtime carers etc, I wondered if reusable incontinence pants might be acceptable to her. Any recommendations?

The bed mats are on top, but she often moves them - she insists on going to bed at 7.15 exactly and dad can only face going upstairs once a day so he doesn't check on it (and tbh would struggle to sort the bed out with her in it).

NunchukNinja Sun 12-May-19 10:30:51

Just a quickie belatedly to say in our area you can self refer to the continence team because it's a "sensitive subject" so you don't need to get a referral from gp. Hatever your age. Both my parents have had their own, separate issues and the continence experts are so clever and sensitive - my Mum came out of first meeting immensely relieved that she'd been so put at ease. That won't help if you're in the denial stage of course. My mum uses something called "brolly sheets", google them maybe, which health care assistants recommended when she was in hospital once. She also buys stack loads of Tena maxi, night time pads from boots. Massive deliveries once a month, she doesn't like the free nhs ones and can afford, just to sort her own. She has just, just moved to bigger night time pads, almost a semi nappy, which are held in place by washable hospital pants". Finally now she only gets up once a night and leaks less. Denial I think is your biggest issue to tackle and I don't have many suggestions for that. My mum went from denial to let's get this sorted quite quickly, but she has her other issues! all changes have been gradual and have often involved some sort of accident, crisis or embarrassment to move things forward. Good luck.

Trumpton Mon 13-May-19 04:33:12

Mil has id incontenence pants from our National Health ( offshore ) but for some reason they are in short supply. I found them on Amazon so have had to order from there as she is very unhappy with any other type.


She is tiny and has to have the extra-small but the absorbtion seems very good .

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