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Easy to use camera / tablet with massive screen. For elderly relative with poor sight.

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Scout2016 Wed 13-Mar-19 20:26:53

Hi, can anyone recommend a camera / tablet / ipad which has a large screen and is very easy to use? It would be used as a camera and I anticipate that most of the time the photos would be viewed on it, rather than printed off. It is for an elderly relative who is not good with gadgets and has very poor eyesight. They don't have the internet so it would be used for anything like that and wouldn't be worth paying a lot for something with lots of features. Plus it would cause confusion. I have looked at kids digital cameras but the viewing screens aren't that big. Thanks for reading, will post in "geeky stuff" too.

S0medayAga1n Wed 13-Mar-19 21:35:28

Take the photo on the iPad. Buy an iPad HDMI cable that plugs into a digital TV that has a big screen.

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 14-Mar-19 10:17:12

Kindle Fire is worth a look for "proof of concept". About £50. Remove from the main screen all applications except camera and photo-viewer. Get one of the covers for it that have a built in on-off switch, so switching on is a matter of simply opening the cover and then running your finger up the screen.

Scout2016 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:26:23

Thanks both. I think the kindle idea is more the way to go. Anything with additional cables I think she would both struggle with setting up and worry it would somehow burn the house down.

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