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Dishonest family members

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rd1958 Mon 11-Mar-19 13:44:06

I have lasting power of attorney for my mum who has Alzheimer’s. My sisters challenged her decision and haven’t spoken to me since she signed over the legal documents confirming the power of attorney registration. She was recently admitted to residential care and is living in a lovely care home. The staff there have suggested mum would benefit from being surrounded by familiar things and so I arranged a removal firm to pick up her bedroom furniture and a few personal pictures to hang in her bedroom st the care home. When I got to mums house it had been emptied, most of her furniture and tv had been taken. A neighbour confirmed my sister turned up a couple of weeks ago with a removal firm. Lots of the items taken were gifts from me and my husband. I also loaned her some designer curtains when I decorated her living room. All taken. Any advice very much appreciated.

Kaddm Mon 11-Mar-19 13:45:47

Have you told your sister your mum needs this stuff and asked for it back?

Raindancer411 Mon 11-Mar-19 13:53:08

Do you know what she has done with the stuff? Tell her you need it for familiar surroundings as suggested by the care home. Legally I don't think she can do this without your say so as a POA. Maybe ask your solicitor?

rd1958 Mon 11-Mar-19 16:41:11

Yes have asked for it back. Police not interested because they see it as a civil matter and reluctant to get involved in family dynamics. Just been to see mums solicitor. Hopefully he can dirt it. Fingers crossed!

rd1958 Mon 11-Mar-19 16:41:50

Sort it not dirt it. Predictive texts!

rd1958 Mon 11-Mar-19 16:43:02

Thank you for your reply. Just left mums solicitor. Hopefully a strongly worded official letter will help.

Raindancer411 Mon 11-Mar-19 22:23:09

Here is hoping for you smile

rd1958 Mon 11-Mar-19 23:12:44

Thank you so much 😊

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