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summerdreamz Tue 06-Feb-18 13:28:58

I don't really know where else to post or what I'm actually looking for. Maybe just abit of advice?

My nan is in her 70s and I've always had a very close relationship with her. I spend a lot of time with her, take her places or collect shopping if she can't manage to get out, ring on the days I can't manage to go (usually see her every other day), I take my children with me to visit every time I go etc.

Lately, maybe the last 6 months she's got absolutely horrific at lying. Everything that she says is some form of lie that is obvious that it hasn’t happened but she gets very annoyed if you question the lie.

Maybe I should just let it go but some times it’s very frustrating because you can’t have a normal conversation with her anymore as 90% is made up. She’s also feeling very sorry for herself, she’s always been very upbeat, happy-go-lucky kinda lady but now it’s as if everyday it’s full of dull grey skies, she cannot see the good in ANYTHING.

Some family members refuse to see that she has deteriorated in the last 6 months or so which is very frustrating but the few that see her very regularly have definitely noticed she has changed so it’s not just me.

Has anyone had an elderly relative who has been similar and how did you cope? I love her with all my heart, she has done so much for me growing up but it is so so upsetting to see her like this all of the time and it’s very frustrating.

thesandwich Tue 06-Feb-18 15:37:31

Sounds like a visit to the gp could be useful- perhaps giving gp a note with your concerns in advance. Do you or anyone else have power of attorney for her? Do check and make sure- vital if she deteriorates,
Good luck.

retirednow Wed 07-Feb-18 11:43:53

She may be depressed. Does she live alone, has anythjng significant happenned recently. She should go and see her doctor.

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