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2fatducks Tue 31-Oct-17 22:47:17

Rather a weird question but here goes! Parents need a new built-in cooker. Want gas as thats what they've always had.

However my father can't turn on knobs, (arthritis) or if he does he turns everything to the highest setting and burns food, (suspected start of dementia) so we tend to use the timer so the oven comes on automatically.

I've searched the internet but can't seem to find any makes that do this and have larger knobs! I really need to find something he can use as it gives my mother some freedom to be out of the house without him and he keeps some independence being able to cook a meal.

Anyone found a make that their elderly parents are using quite happily?

SuperDiaperBaby Wed 01-Nov-17 10:05:02

Rangemaster gas ovens have an auto timer for the oven compartment. I think it would have to be freestanding which might not work although sometimes it is really easy to remove the kitchen cupboarding that the built in appliance sits in and slide non built in even if it does not look beautiful. However I have found that replacement appliances that are not identical to or very close to the original are a nightmare in the early stages of dementia. If the buttons are in a different position or require a different action it can be really difficult to relearn the sequence. Good luck finding something.

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