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Wiltshire Farm Foods

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CDAlady Mon 18-Sep-17 09:27:07

Several people have recommended this to me for my elderly/dementia father. I can see the advantages as they are complete meals. However, I'm not sure whether to get them because:
1. They are quite expensive in comparison to supermarket ready meals even if you take the'free' delivery into consideration

2. I can't be there when they deliver and they only specify a delivery day rather than time so I can't ask carers to be there either. I don't want my dad answering the door to people he doesn't know and he wouldn't be able to put the meals away in the freezer. Someone told me the delivery drivers can let themselves in and put the food in the freezer for you. But is this safe? It sounds a bit strange to me. I don't know them and my dad is vulnerable.

Another question? I have been getting Tesco ready meals until now and putting them in the freezer myself do the carers can microwave them but didn't notice that many of them are oven cook only which takes too long for the carer visit and/or need lengthy defrosting. Is there another supermarket that dies a good range of microwave ready meals? This seems the ideal solution as the can be ordered together with the other things I get for my dad every fortnight eg. Toilet rolls, soup etc and I can put them all away at the same time.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 21-Sep-17 17:10:53

M&S ready meals are fantastic. Loads of choice and many of them 3 for £10. So cheaper than other supermarkets.

FanSpamTastic Thu 21-Sep-17 17:17:29

My gran had Wiltshire farm foods and they were great. She had a key lock system for the carers - i.e. A box outside with a security code - carers could open the box and use key to open the door then put the key back and secure the box. The Wiltshire farm foods guy did the same. They sent the same man every week and he arrived around the same time each week (might have been fortnight). He would unpack all the food and put it away for her.

It was a very reliable service and enabled Gran to stay at home when she would otherwise have had to go into a home. Nothing wrong with her mental health but she was very frail and had suffered a hip fracture. She wanted to be at home rather than in a nursing home and was very happy with the service.

Mightybanhammer Fri 06-Oct-17 22:57:01

Ever tasted one though? They are rank, short on protein and expensive.

Nongoddess Fri 06-Oct-17 23:01:35

We had them for my DF and I actually thought they were pretty good. Some were a bit rank as per Mightybanhammer but most were OK and actually my dad really seemed to like them and there was a bit of variety. It was the ease of delivery which I really liked, the drivers knew the situation and were able to let themselves in with a keypad, they were skilled at this sort of thing. We lived a long way off and it was pretty easy for carers too. If you're already getting supermarket deliveries though then it might not be worth it.

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