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Personal alarms- recommendations?

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PollyPerky Tue 23-May-17 10:06:39

In the process of setting this up for parents. Anyone got any good experiences? They need a pendant each and costs are varying.

NannyR Tue 23-May-17 10:11:04

We got one for an elderly relative and I think it was available through the council, they had to pay for it monthly but it wasn't very much and it was a very good service. Age concern may be able to give you some information too.

thesandwich Tue 23-May-17 20:55:18

Our local authority reccomended one backed by a local housing association- our la has a helpline for advice and some webpage advice. Age U.K. Are well Ruth a look- they were more expensive for dm

CMOTDibbler Tue 23-May-17 21:00:41

My parents have theirs through AgeUK, and have used it quite a few times, and the service has been really, really good

PollyPerky Wed 24-May-17 13:11:27

Thanks. Their LA was most expensive of all and didn't call me back with an answer to something so that didn't inspire confidence.

Age UK was my 2nd option but I've gone with another provider.

One thing that seems to be how they work- the company (like Age UK or whoever) seem to be the middle man. This is because all the providers I looked at had a FAQ on their site 'Who is the provider of telecare?' The answer was 'Ask when you call us [when you have already set up the alarm] '

so it looks as if many companies offering these alarms use a control centre somewhere to actually take the calls from the elderly.

thesandwich Wed 24-May-17 13:16:37

Interesting how practice and costs vary- and the middle man aspect. DM's is £15 per month.

lucyl1 Fri 07-Jul-17 10:41:05

Hi, sorry to jump in a bit late on this thread. Have you sorted out pendants for them now?

Did you ever consider the different types of personal alarms? For instance there are pendants, wrist alarms, or call buttons that link to a carer's pager.

I tried to find some articles with more information for you, like this one which compares pendants and wrist alarms, and this one which covers choosing and buying a personal alarm.

Hope that might help you out a bit!

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