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Housing for retiring mother

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sophie8080 Sun 14-May-17 18:31:32


I am trying to find out some information to help my mum so thanks in advance if you have any. My mum is a single lady of 65 that has been privately renting and working part time until 6 months ago when she was unable to cope being in a house on her own and so has moved in with my brother in a different borough to me. She is physically independent she just couldn't afford the costs of living by herself privately renting. She would like to stop working at the end of this term but for various reasons can't carry on living at my brother's (his house is not big enough ) but she doesn't have much in the way of savings just pensions amounting to approx £10/12K/ year. In anyone's experience would she be able to secure sheltered housing through the council in a) the borough where she's been living for 5 + years or b) in my borough as she'd also like to be nearer me and my family? Also I have no idea how sheltered housing would work, is a really long waiting list and would there be any housing benefit support? I feel really sad that my mum has no space of her own or long term security and also sad that she has no better pension provision ( my dad who lives abroad got the pensions in the divorce 20 years ago). Thanks again if anyone has any insight into what options she may have.

user1491572121 Mon 15-May-17 04:49:25

You need to speak to Shelter...the housing charity. They're very might take a while to get through but once you do, they are very hands on.

sophie8080 Mon 15-May-17 08:03:02

Thanks I'll give them a call today

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