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How to help alcholic - possibly getting Dementia just been widowed...

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averythinline Thu 27-Apr-17 17:47:27

FIL died on Monday - he has been in Hospital since Boxing day (different hospitals/wards) he has not really been well since last May when he had a bleed on the Brain but had a fall at Christmas....

MIL is an alcoholic has been for years has become increasingly aggressive as well when shes been drinking -she has sober patches but then binges roughly 4-6 weekly where she stars as soon as she wakes up and then passes out...

She lives 3hrs drive away....DH is an only child....he hates seeing her she does nothing but shout and scream at him...

She has got worse as now shouts and screams at everybody...we understand shes sad/worried/angry grieving they were together for 50yrs but had a very unhealthy relationship but she is lonely and will be lonelier still...

She got asked to leave the ward at the hospital as was disturbing people...the day FIL died..

She has always refused all help/intervention

We don't really know what to do...need to sort out the funeral...she started drinking last Thursday -hasn't stopped knowledge of what sort of Funeral FIL would want - they wouldn't discuss as they weren't old..He's has been very confused/demented since the fall at Christmas...

what do we do after - they had some friends in their village but I'm not sure they will put up with her aggression..

Me and DC don't see her much as she is so volatile...

any ideas ...poor DH sad

Badders123 Sat 29-Apr-17 19:57:50

How hard
Direct cremation and memorial at a later date when mil will be sober and remember?

averythinline Sat 29-Apr-17 23:09:14

thanks Badders...there aren't many slots available that fit with a couple of close friends so hes just booked it hoping she'll be in a dry patch by then.... after that who knows?

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