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Sheltered housing or live-in carer?

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HappyPrince Tue 28-Mar-17 19:25:49

We are in the process of trying to relocate my father in law, who has Parkinsons, to London so he can be closer to us. During his most recent spell in hospital we looked at our local Care Home, which charges an eye-watering £1,300 a week. We then spoke to a lovely nurse at the hospital who said that he did not need full time medical care and he should be able to live in a sheltered housing set up (a slightly more reasonable £1,300 a month!). However my father-in-law's solicitor has advised buying a flat for him and employing a live-in-carer. If we did this and my father-in-law had to go into permanent care we would then plan to rent the flat to help pay for costs. Has anyone out there done a similar thing? Would you recommend it? What are the pitfalls? Obviously we are worried about the potential for abuse/neglect with a live-in carer, especially in light of recent news stories but we have heard some positive stories too. Any advice?

Ghdune Sat 17-Jun-17 18:03:21

Hello If you still need anymore information on live in care private message me x

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