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Had to play a trick on Dad

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Thistledew Wed 04-Jan-17 21:36:05


I had to pretend to be a police officer from the missing children's unit to reassure him that there are currently no missing children reports on the national database.

He has been obsessing for 2 days now about having to go and collect a child who was waiting by the river. He can't explain more than that they would have to "jump the queue" to get to the river and that the child comes from a "sporting family". He tried to get up in the middle of the night last night to collect this child.

He had such an incredible, exceptionally intelligent mind until a combination of old age and Parkinson's has clouded it. About a month ago, he suffered some sort of deterioration that affected his physical abilities, but this is the first time his mind has gone for so long and so off track.

It was the longest I have spoken on the phone with him for probably over a year (he struggles with his hearing aids so this call was a real effort).

He didn't see through my slightly put-on deep voice or the improbability that there are currently no outstanding reports of missing children on their database.

He had no idea he was talking to me. sad

MaybeTimeNow Wed 04-Jan-17 21:40:26

I'm so sorry Thistle, it's such a difficult situation to be in.

CMOTDibbler Wed 04-Jan-17 21:45:56

Oh bless him - and you for finding a solution to his distress.

mrsBeverleygoldberg Wed 04-Jan-17 21:47:56

That's sad for you as you are moving from being the child to being the carer. But your dad is so lucky to have such a resourceful daughter. I hope this helps your dad to stop worrying about a lost child. What a nice man your dad is to worry about a lost

Thistledew Wed 04-Jan-17 22:02:52

Thanks all. I hope it has worked. It is so sad for him that he was so worried but just not able to explain where he thought this child was or why he was tasked with collecting him/her. It doesn't seem to be something from this time frame, and he said it wasn't in the county in which he currently lives, but couldn't get the words out to explain more. I wonder if this is some old memory or something he has dreamt.

RRic3pud2017 Fri 06-Jan-17 20:02:51

Does he have a UTI ? some people act strangely, but are unable to verbalise what the real issue is or some other infection ?

Just a suggestion

Thistledew Sat 07-Jan-17 09:35:10

Thanks RRic - he has been checked for a UTI and shows no signs. The Drs suspect a mini stroke or minor heart attack (he has a pacemaker). He could go to the hospital for checks, but there is no way of treating the problem.

Backingvocals Sat 07-Jan-17 09:45:37

That's so hard Thistle. You did the right thing but it feels awful and surreal when your father is so intelligent and has been on top of things his whole life. Thankfully he has you looking out for him and doing all you can to support him.

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