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Questions for carers - any advice please?!

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tadpolefeet Tue 03-Jan-17 11:04:07

Hi there,
My 82 yo mother will shortly be having a hip operation, and I'm trying to find out about carers for her when she comes out of hospital. She will be paying for her care herself as she has savings. I've found a list of local carer providers, and on their websites they all sound great. Can anyone give me some tips of what questions I should be asking them? What should I be looking out for?
At the moment we don't really know what she will need... but I know I'll be the one filling in any gaps. I live 3 hours away, but am the closest (or the closest who is any use), so I want to try and get things in place if possible. (And at the same time I'm thinking that I want to find good carers for when she needs it more regularly).
Many thanks for any tips you can give!

thesandwich Wed 04-Jan-17 19:11:16

Hi. Does your DM know anyone who uses carers? Looking beyond the glossy websites is important. Any local contacts e.g. Vicar or doctor who may advise? DM had a carer sleeping over at first. OT assessment to make sure she has all the kit to help is really useful even if self funding.
Getting regular people in helps too. Some hospices offer paid for care as a service to general funds- v high quality. Good luck!

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