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Camera in Care Home

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cocochanel21 Mon 02-Jan-17 17:40:36

My DM has been in a nursing home for 3 years. Sadly her dementia is now quite advanced. A couple of months ago her wedding ring went missing,it was never found and staff couldn't give any answers as to where it went. At the beginning of December I was changing her top when I came across bruises on the inside of the top of her arms again staff could not explain how this has happened.

Forward to Christmas day my Dsil placed DM'S presents on a chair in her room. When I went on boxing day a bottle of perfume and a box of chocolates were missing. I was furious the perfume was not in view as it as placed under clothes.
I want to put a camera in DM'S room but 2 of my siblings don't think we should they have concerns about what would happen if the staff came across it.
Has anyone ever done this?

Overthinker2016 Mon 02-Jan-17 17:47:10

Sounds obvious but have you escalated the complaint to management.

Or called the police? Is theft at end of the day.

EngTech Mon 02-Jan-17 17:57:45

Raise it with management formally but don't tell them you are outing camera in.

Then again, that might go missing!

cocochanel21 Mon 02-Jan-17 18:12:43

Yes we have made formal complaints to management. Unfortunately the home has had 3 managers in the last 2years. The present manager is leaving at the end of January.

Rosa Mon 02-Jan-17 18:13:31

Agree get an appointment with the manager , Get your complaints registered and logged. Say that you will take things further as it is theft.

Rosa Mon 02-Jan-17 18:14:45

Just seen the post . It should still ne logged on her file . I would actually put a camera in as the person should be stopped. Imagine it would be hard to do though !

NewspaperTaxis Sat 07-Jan-17 14:53:27

There's no point telling staff you are putting in a camera if you want to catch anyone, as obv any thief will then avoid your room.

You need a camera with night vision to catch a thief, as this stuff can go missing when a carer enters the room and doesn't switch the light on.

Make a complaint to the manager, but really, the idea that the police will investigate is a tad fanciful so, as regards everything else in modern Britain, if you want something done, you will have to do it yourself. If you turn up evidence from the footage, presumably that can get the culprit sacked but if not, well, it could be awkward...

Also, unless you get recurrent thefts it can all be hard to keep track of. I mean, you may notice something gone missing weeks after it actually has, and by that time the footage will have long gone. Unless, of course, you go home and check the footage laboriously every day, and you will need a camera with motion detector for that to work or you will be scrolling thru hours of film, that way madness lies.

Muppetslikecoco Sat 07-Jan-17 16:34:45

I used to work in a care home (pot wash) and they once had a complaint about money going missing. The police did take it seriously and we were all called in for a meeting with an officer and given a pretty stern warning.

I would put a camera in. I never witnessed any abuse in the care home I worked in but it only takes one bad carer. The treatment of the elderly in this country breaks my heart.

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