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Christmas present for sick Dad

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Casz Sun 18-Dec-16 21:33:12

Dad recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors saying he has 'anything from a few days to several weeks' left.

What on earth do we get him for Christmas?
He doesn't need anything; he is happy just watching TV, not really up to going anywhere or doing anything. Does not agree with the idea of buying a charity goat or whatever.

Mum has bought him a dressing gown and slippers.

Any suggestions?

Slowdownsally Sun 18-Dec-16 21:47:40

I''m very sorry to hear your Dad is so unwell. Mine has been ill for a long time, but he takes great pleasure from painting and drawing. Would your father like either?

whataboutbob Sun 18-Dec-16 21:51:44

A book with beautiful pictures relating to an interest of his?

Casz Mon 19-Dec-16 19:18:53

Thank you for taking the time to reply. The book idea may have legs; maybe about the area where he grew up rather than a hobby though...

redexpat Mon 19-Dec-16 19:23:15

Sudoku book.
CDs of audio books or radio programs he likes. I got my dad just a minute cds when he was in hospital.

toldmywraath Mon 19-Dec-16 21:23:43

Bless you Casz, this is a tricky one. I'm sure your Dad will be happy just to see you but you obviously want to buy him something special. Does he have any favourite foods or drinks from the area he was born perhaps? (not sure if I'm being inappropriate what with being stomach cancer, please accept my apologies if I am)

venys Mon 19-Dec-16 21:34:44

I am so sorry to hear the news. King of cotton do some gorgeous goose down pillows which might make him comfortable. Although the other suggestions are pretty good too. Take his mind off things. And a Netflix or Now TV subscription?

Needmoresleep Tue 20-Dec-16 10:10:04

1. Buy something you also like. Before he died I bought my dad a couple of Emma Bridgewater mugs with sea gulls on, reflecting our shared love of the sea. I think he liked them, and we have them now and they are in daily use.

2. Look through the AgeUK, RNIB (surprisingly good for the elderly generally) etc on-line catalogues to see if there is something that could make his life easier.

3. Something bright and cheerful. Is he allowed plants. A spring bulb he could see growing. A poinsetta.

4. A small shared joke? I was in a cafe in France and had a cup whose printed slogan would have made my dad laugh. It tested my French to ask to buy it, but I managed.

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