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Both parents need daily care what is the financial implication?

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jeaux90 Sun 23-Oct-16 10:57:00

Hi all.

Both my parents ended up in hospital this week. The hospital have recommended that my mum and dad both need daily care for their different issues. I don't disagree. My question is, they own their own property and have an ok pension coming in so can the social services force them to pay for this or is this something that a care allowance pays for? Sorry I am really new to all this, my parents have spiralled pretty quick and my sister and I are not sure what to do for the best.

Also, they want to give me power of attorney but my dad is really confused, can my mum agree or does it need to be both of them?

Many thanks!

Helenluvsrob Sun 23-Oct-16 17:35:30

Ok. I think I get your issues.

Firstly power of attorney. If you dad is propetly confused / has dementia if there is nothing in place then you have missed the boat. No one can do this now. You need to apply to the court of protection. That is expensive and complex ,but very worth moving on if he is expected to live for some time. Otherwise best interest decisions will be made - mostly simple and means professionals agreeing with family - but if you ever get into disagreement it would be so hard.

If he's just a bit forgetful but basically sound and can understand what he is giving consent for do it now !

Secondly - paying for care. Your parents need adice so they are getting all benefits they are entitled to. Then they can choose to find and finance care themselves as a private arrangement ( so many advantages e.g. Getting a carer / 2 carers that come at the same time and do both parents - not " I'm his carer I can't do her breakfast ! And you choose carers even maybe have a consistent carer / carer group!

Otherwise go through Soc services. Care needs will be assessed and they will get what Soc services say they need ( probably ) and they will procure services. You will be billed for them by soc services. A financial assessment will decide what you pay. Iirc 23k savings is disregarded as is home ownership if they live there. If they move into care that Is a whole new ball game.

What ever happens when they spend down to the savings threshold ( or ideally are about 6 months off it to allow for changeover etc ) you need to involve Soc services to fund care etc.

Hope that helps. My only advice is rwalise that care is expensive. Savings will vanish. There is no benefit in putting up with the cheapest care. Heck go with the harrods version at the start. That's when your parents will notice the niceness. 2 yrs down the line they might be on " Tesco value care" but they are less likely to be bothered by the difference. Hope that makes sense !

Helenluvsrob Sun 23-Oct-16 17:38:31

And yes we ran into " his/her carer" issues just like the above. It was .. challenging !

whataboutbob Sun 23-Oct-16 19:50:28

Just to add to helen's post-if it's too late for your dad, you could still get POA for your mum if she agrees. if they mostly have joint accounts you could maybe manage their finances that way. My Dad was not 100% when he gave me POA but his GP knew our family well and was very supportive so he signed the form anyway.

jeaux90 Sun 23-Oct-16 19:52:01

Thanks everyone, super helpful!! Really appreciate all the advice.

whataboutbob Sun 23-Oct-16 19:54:18

Also, it sounds like they should qualify for Attendance Allowance. Not sure if you'd get 2 lots or if they count as 1 unit. The lady at the DWP I spoke to (who sent me the form) was very helpful so worth asking. There are 2 bands, to qualify for the higher one you need to require assistance at night time. The lower band is about £50 pw. If your mum is going to take on carers duties towards your dad she should get carers allowance.

timeforsomethingnew Sun 23-Oct-16 19:59:09

You should be able to get attendance allowance for them both - I believe there are 2 kinds - one is not means tested and believe there may be 2 levels. My DM is my DF carer and got first level last year. IIRC, they now get a further amount as he needs extensive care.

If they have been in hospital, they may get a few weeks of care. DF got about 6 weeks when he first came home from hospital to shower and dress him each morning. It gave DM a chance to get her own support in place

123bananas Sun 23-Oct-16 20:02:39

Just been helping my mother with this for my grandmother.

Do POA online far cheaper than via solicitor. There are two types financial and health/welfare. £220 to register both for one individual. You can also get third party access sorted via the bank prior to any loss of mental capacity. You may be too late to arrange POA without going through the Court of Protection for your Dad if he is seen as not having mental capacity, has he had an assessment on hospital for this?

Age UK have been helpful in helping filling in care allowance forms for my grandmother. She is also over the threshold as a property owner. Phone their helpline for advice.

123bananas Sun 23-Oct-16 20:03:15

Attendance allowance not care allowance sorry.

Sosidges Sun 23-Oct-16 20:55:20

I would download the PoA form and get them sorted before your dad get a dementia diagnosis. When you say confused, that is quite ambiguous as it could just be age related and will not affect his ability to sign PoA. We got the next door neighbour to countersign for my mum rather than GP as it made it Quicker.

The attendance allowance form goes on forever. Get a copy of their repeat prescriptions and attach as this helps the authorities to understand the medical position. I believe the higher rate is only payable if they need help during the night. It is not means tested.

My stepfather had to pay £80 a week for his carers, twice a day. Usually the LA does a financial assesment and will recommmemd carers. You can choose your own carers and you can pay them direct or through the Independent Living Agency.

Any questions, speak to,AgeUk. Faboulous, kind and knowledgeable people.

What really assisted me was to Collect up every bit of paper I could from the house and make up file. Put all their personal details on the front of the file, NI numbers, place and date of birth and marriage. Doctors and hospitals details. You will get asked for the same information over and over again. Put together all their financial stuff, utilities, insurance etc.
Also make up a header sheet and record every conversation you have. Include time, date, name of person . Nothing ever gets resolved in one phone call and it is very useful to quote times and dates and who you spoke to. What was promised. This is particularly important with utility companies ,if you have to take over the bill paying. Some are very bad at understanding PoA.

Sosidges Sun 23-Oct-16 21:01:36

Final bit advice, get yourself over to the Elderly Parents thread. So many people undergoing the same challenges, who will guide you, hug you and let you rant

jeaux90 Wed 26-Oct-16 15:06:11

Thanks all! Applying for the attendance allowance for both and they both now have daily care so I assume they will be financially assessed at some point. Ball rolling on the POA the sol is very kind and will come to the house with me to talk to them. Thanks for all the advice and warmth, really does help. My sister and I are both single parents working full time so getting the care right is essential. We are both local thankfully. And thanks to the poster who recommended I scoop up all the paperwork. Will do that as soon as I have legal power, I currently have no idea what's in their bank or anything! Hugs to you you lovely people xxx

Sosidges Wed 26-Oct-16 19:25:56

I also had all my parents mail redirected to me. I found out that they were paying for insurances they did not need. Also missing hospital and eye test appointments. This relieved a huge headache for me, especially as utilities took a while to convince them to send bills to me.

It is £65 per person per year. You can download the form and take it to the post office with the PoA

jeaux90 Sat 29-Oct-16 19:32:00

mail direction thanks!! Genius idea!!

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