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Just popping in to say hi and thank you!

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Helenluvsrob Fri 21-Oct-16 23:10:35

Just posted on the " kind things people have done for you" thread .

Thought I'd repeat it hear for those who remember me ( Theas18 pre hackergate)

This forum and the kind constant support from a bunch of strangers has been hugely important at difficult times recently. You've been here through the medical crises, care anxieties and ultimately the death of both my parents in the last 18 months. You've shared the little happiez when dad was living here and I was taking him out and about in the " loo and cake review " of the locality - not to mention the m&s prosecco bar !

You lot are bloody amazing ! Thank you.

ZaZathecat Sat 22-Oct-16 09:25:24

I remember you Helen. I also greatly appreciate this forum as I am going through lots of the things you were. Hope life is easier for you now.

Sosidges Sat 22-Oct-16 11:32:28

Hope you are well HelenluvsRob. You and many others have helped me so much over the last years as we have battled to do the best for our elderly relatives. Mother and stepfather are both gone now, I have learned so much and hope that passing knowledge on to others is a nice legacy from all the hard times.

CMOTDibbler Sat 22-Oct-16 18:25:34

Helen, you've been so supportive through really hard times for you, and I'm not joking when I say I would have gone right round the twist without the support I get here. I know I have even worse times to come, but knowing I can come on and not have to sugarcoat things is just amazing

Thanks to everyone here xxx

thesandwich Sun 23-Oct-16 09:01:54

Hi Helen, what a lovely message. Thank you too for all your input and support in the dark days and sharing the dark humour too.
Twenty ten as was. As you say, so much wisdom and support here- knowing that we are heard and there is someone wise to offer advice, commiserations, wine,chocolate and a sympathetic ear.
Thank you all.

Helenluvsrob Sun 23-Oct-16 17:16:04

Thanks all for replying. Dd2 and I are resurrecting the loo and cake review. Pudding pantry Nottingham. A*

thesandwich Sun 23-Oct-16 18:18:10

Oh yes!!! A*

PingPongBat Wed 23-Nov-16 14:23:00

I also found enormous support and help from this forum, laughs and tears aplenty. I remember holding virtual hands with you flowers when our mums passed away. This has got to be the best place on MN, with the most helpful postures, surely!

Needmoresleep Wed 23-Nov-16 15:22:20

Thank you PingPong. We miss you, though in the right way.

Sadly, again in the right way, there seem to be a whole bunch of new people climbing the same impossible mountains we once had to.

And me, I think I will be around for ever. DM is bouncing between not knowing where she lives and who her children are, to being on very good form with little repetition, but still no memory. But it is a lot easier. The early days were awful.

PingPongBat Wed 23-Nov-16 16:19:19

Aww thanks NMS. I may well be back - DF is increasingly forgetful & I worry about his driving, but he's happy with his lady friend so if he's content, I'm OK with that. Most of my emotional energy is currently being sapped by my 14 yr old DD...

btw I don't know why I said postures - meant posters obviously !!

thesandwich Wed 23-Nov-16 21:18:57

Hello ping pong! Twenty ten as was. Another one who misses ya!
Sorry to hear you are being tested by your dd- adolescence is so tough.
Hope you are putting your needs up the agenda too.

PingPongBat Wed 23-Nov-16 22:59:34

Ooh hello TwentyTen/TheSandwich - I hadn't picked up the NC! It's been a while...

I've had a scan through the latest support thread and it's lovely to see how every new person is welcomed and then they start to support others almost straight away with support, suggestions and wine or cake

bob's comment - "No one tells you that one day your parents will be frail, vulnerable and totally dependent, and it'll fall on your shoulders to make sure they're safe" really resonates with me, as I think it must do with everyone on this forum. And it sounds as if many of us are also supporting our DCs through big changes in their lives too, at the same time.

flowers to everyone here

powershowerforanhour Mon 05-Dec-16 01:16:25

Helen, you've walked the road ahead of me and sent back a useful map. Thanks for all your posts here and hope you are well x

ssd Tue 06-Dec-16 18:08:01

I started this section many moons ago when I was literally going round the twist and no one got it.

I'm glad its helped so many of you too thanks

(hi twentyten!)

thesandwich Tue 06-Dec-16 21:55:26

Hello ssd! Hope all is well with you! Thank you for starting this and to the lovely wise folk who share their wisdom.

ssd Wed 07-Dec-16 21:22:02

am so glad its helped so many!

Dadsaworry Fri 23-Dec-16 20:22:46

And it continues to help, SSD thank god for you starting it off!

THANKYOU all so much, Im on a crappy road right now and the support is fab.

thesandwich Sat 24-Dec-16 20:54:51

Just wanting to pop in and wish you all as good a Christmas as it can be. Thinking of you all in you struggles and you are not alone. fsmile

MoreElderlyParentWoes Tue 27-Dec-16 12:16:15

And a merry Christmas from me too.

I don't often post on these threads - dealing with my mother generally leaves me so drained that I prefer to use MN for frivolity and larking about - but, when I do, I'm so grateful for the empathy and support from people who are walking the same path.

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