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Assisted Living

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Laineylou Wed 12-Oct-16 07:27:18

Mum is 84 with Parkinson's. She needs to move closer to me and we have looked at buying an assisted living property which seems ideal. And I'm supposed to put an offer in today.
But it is run by First Port (formerly Peverel) and I've seen some fairly scary stories and I don't want to make a mistake for her just because we want her up here quickly.
Anyone had any positive experiences with them?

ZaZathecat Thu 13-Oct-16 15:58:22

Sorry no experience, but my dm is destined for assisted living (called Extra Care around here) as soon as a place is available and I can't wait as she's stuck in hospital until then.
Hoping this bump will bring someone else along. All the best.

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