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N5 cleaner needed for incontinence cleaning

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maslinpan Mon 01-Aug-16 14:48:02

DM is struggling with two issues, blindness and sporadic continence problems. She wears her incontinence pants which mostly work, but has occasional bouts of severe and unpredictable diarrhoea which she just can't clean up. Otherwise she doesn't require any element of personal care.
She has a new lodger/companion who is enabling her to remain in her own home, but the lodger really can't cope with the horrible job of cleaning up. I live elsewhere, so am desperately seeking a cleaner who could do a short, regular visit to specifically deal with this, and am struggling. Many agencies only do a minimum
2hr visit, which is too long, or want to deliver personal care. Mum already has a great cleaner but I think she can't add more hours as she is very busy already. Help!!

maslinpan Mon 01-Aug-16 20:23:32


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