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National Audit of Dementia 2016 carer questionnaire

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NAD2016 Tue 19-Jul-16 14:34:13

Dear Mumsnet

I’m posting here to let you know about a national audit of the care of people with dementia in general hospitals. As part of this we are collecting feedback from family and other carers about their experience during any recent hospital admission of a person they care for. 200 hospitals across England and Wales are participating in the audit. We aim for enough responses to provide each hospital with a score on the carer rated quality of care and the communication with the carer. We are also collecting comments which will be fed back to the hospitals.

The questionnaire is anonymous. If you would like to participate it can be found here:

You might also be given the questionnaire if you are visiting somebody in hospital over June, July and August.

General information about the audit and contact details can be found here:

We are based at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and work with the Royal Colleges of Nursing, Physicians and GPs, the Alzheimer’s Society, John’s Campaign and Dementia Action Alliance.

We are very keen to publicise the questionnaire as widely as possible. I’m hoping it will be okay to post here as it seems relevant to the experience of so many Mumsnetters. I will report my post so that it can be removed if necessary.

Many thanks

PS if you complete the questionnaire you can also enter a prize draw to win a £50 voucher smile

NAD2016 Wed 20-Jul-16 09:53:29

Just to add, if anyone would like to share the questionnaire link the short form is or it can be tweeted as (we are using hashtag #carerq


NAD2016 Tue 09-Aug-16 17:35:12

The National Audit of Dementia carer questionnaire is doing really well, we have an average of 10 per hospital and we're extending the deadline till the end of September. Please remember us if you visit a relative or friend in hospital. Your responses can not identify you but all your feedback and comments will be presented in the hospital's local report.

And you might win a £50 voucher (of your choice - within reason!)

NAD2016 Mon 26-Sep-16 13:18:46

We have nearly 4000 questionnaires now (average 20 per hospital). Thanks so much to everyone who has participated or passed on the questionnaire. We'll give a final total in a couple of weeks

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