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Stepping off a stairlift before it reached the bottom

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Avenski Tue 05-Jul-16 15:47:58

I think stairlifts might be safer if they either said it's safe to get off or warned that it wasn't, because it's possible to let go the joystick without meaning to and step off when there's still a few inches to go.

Does anyone know of that happening? I don't think anyone counts how many falls happen like that, and asking here is the only way I can think of for seeing if it's a big problem.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 05-Jul-16 16:01:41

My grandmother's used to beep when it was at the end.

RadicalPessimist Tue 05-Jul-16 16:03:28

My nan's used to beep when it was safe to get off too.

Avenski Tue 05-Jul-16 16:45:48

Thanks. I only knew about one old stairlift which I never heard beep. Maybe it's not a problem.

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