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Coming off anti-depressants

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maslinpan Wed 15-Jun-16 12:39:41

Sigh - here we go again! I just need to vent a little. Mum has once again come off her anti-ds, is denying that she was warned not to go cold turkey, and we are all in the depths with her. She has been on low-level anti-ds for a while, pretty successfully, and apparently she 'lost' them or she was feeling so positive she didn't think she needed them. Backstory is that she is registered blind, lives alone, but she does have a lodger who pays a reduced rent in order to help her and do things like... locate missing items. So there is quite a degree of denial going on.

I don't live nearby, it's a 2 hour round trip, I have primary school kids, so most of my support is via the phone. I am already feeling really down about the prospect of Mum having another period of high anxiety, depression and lack of any hope for the future, plus she is prone to making really bad, impulsive decisions when she is in this state.

All this might make me sound horribly self-centred, it's not me going through it, but the sense of deja-vu is really strong here! Just wanted to get it off my chest.

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