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paying for bathrom adaptation

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MillyMollyMardy Sat 11-Jun-16 12:09:14

Anyone with experience of this your advice would be appreciated.
My elderly DF had a stroke at the end of last year and has recovered reasonable well. He has had OT, SALT and is currently temporarily in a step down flat with extracare.
He was offered a flat in the same residence with step down care but it had someone in residence until this week. When we viewed it, it has a bath rather than a shower or wet room. The housing officer was unaware it had a bath until I told them.
I don't think my Dad could use a bath safely, he has had a couple of falls and they were bath related. He has been rereffered to OT but we have to wait for that the GP surgery are going to call me on Monday to discuss options.
The housing officer said they would speak to colleague regarding options but have essentially come back saying what are you going to do. My Dad's property is on the market and unfurnished at the other end of the country with no family nearby so I really can't move him back (his stroke has left him with some speech difficulties and some higher cognitive processing issues so he needs help with decisions, money, shopping. The flat is otherwise great in a good complex where he is starting to integrate.
I have been told that you can apply for grants to adapt but my Dad has a house on the market so I am assuming this would make him ineligible as it counts as savings (?).
Is it really his requirement to convert the bathroom to his needs when it's rented? I would have declined the flat if I'd know it had a bath.
So as to not drip feed his time in the step down flat has expired and they want him out. Moving in with us isn't an option no space and no kitchen with building work. There are no other flats in the complex available.

MillyMollyMardy Sat 11-Jun-16 12:10:20

Bathroom not bathroom which sounds much more fun.

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