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Temporary carer for holiday period

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thamesswan Sat 21-May-16 16:27:38

We try to take my elderly mother to our holiday home in France each year. We are planning to take her mid-June but I am having problems finding a carer for her. I am offering a holiday cottage for two people free of charge for two weeks in return for three hours care a day for eight days of the two weeks. It seems a good way of a couple (or single) having a low cost holiday to me but I am finding it difficult reaching people as it is not like advertising a job. Any ideas welcome - even better if you know anyone who might be interested do let me know! Many thanks.

asilverraindrop Wed 25-May-16 09:44:41

Respite care for holidays normally costs about a thousand pounds a week residential in the client's home, even if the person only needs about 3 hours care a day. I know because I have just booked it to cover our holiday, as my mother lives with us and I care for her. Given that the suggested carers get no choice over when or where they go for the two weeks, I am not sure that your offer would appeal to experienced carers, who would probably want a break from caring while on their hols and don't earn enough to be able to take two weeks unpaid leave, which is what you are suggesting. My gut feel is you would need also to offer a wage, though perhaps I'm completely wrong.

thamesswan Fri 03-Jun-16 09:05:47

Thank you for your contribution a silverraindrop. Yes, I am well used to weekly respite charges of £1000 when mum has to go into a care home but we don't pay anything like that for the three hour care package she has at home. The value of the holiday part of this offer could help someone out who wouldn't otherwise afford a holiday. I always think ideas are worth a try and in this case has been highly successful as we have found a carer of over 20 years experience who is delighted to take on the role. They have even offered to be on duty for longer hours if we need them. I guess their motto is one good turn deserves another!

Lolimax Fri 03-Jun-16 09:10:36

Just an about a student nurse? I'm not sure if they'll be on leave then (my own DD doesn't start until July) but they'd be half trained and would surely jump at the chance of a holiday?

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Fri 03-Jun-16 09:36:43

The three hours won't be consecutive will they? So actually selling it as a holiday is slightly disingenuous.

If as I suspect it 3 times a day, the individual doing the caring wouldn't be able to get out and about as they would be back and forward for the next intervention.

I think you need to pay a standard rate. Ask the local council if they have a list of private carers who may be interested in the work. Many of the good ones will already have clients they are not able to let down.

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