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Alzheimer Care Homes central/North London - any recommendations?

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notagiraffe Thu 05-May-16 19:21:46

This is a long shot but I wondered if anyone can recommend a care home in north or near central London that is kind, clean and good with Alzheimers residents?
For my mum. sad

whataboutbob Sat 07-May-16 17:23:43

Hello, you may not get an answer here, have you tried Talking Point on the Alzhemier's soc website? Or if you have any contacts in the NHS someone may know places professionally (a long shot I realise).

Needmoresleep Sun 08-May-16 20:11:09

Ask everyone. GPs, vicars and plumbers will all visit and have a useful take on which homes are well run. Estate agents also know where people move on to.

NHS staff cannot recommend. However a good one will guide you. Ask gentle questions like "what care homes should I visit that might suit my mum", and you may find yourself steered in the right direction. And do look at more established residential areas. South London admittedly (sorry I find North London a scary and confusing place - but Londoners are tribal) but Wimbledon has a lot of big old houses converted into care homes. I knew a GP based there who had had lots of nice lunches in some quite posh places, and would have been in a good position to informally recommend. My concern has been that dementia is a long path and whilst my mother is able to know where she is, I would prefer for her to stay out of a dementia home. It sounds a bit snobby and a bit like secondary schools, but I would prefer for her to be with people with more capacity so she is challenged. Ideally she would only move to a dementia home when she really does not know where she is.

BUPA homes generally get a bad press, but one advantage is that they all look alike. Just before he died, my cousin was planning to move her dad from a care home near where he had lived, to one near her, and reckoned that he would not have noticed. Friends and community links die away quite quickly, and family is what is left.

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