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My goodness finally found the perfect funeral poem for dad !

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Helenluvsrob Tue 26-Apr-16 22:54:15

Sorry I've been away. Been on my jollies smile

Back to real life sad it's finally the funeral on Thursday.

Been wracking my remaining brain cell for the perfect poem / reading ( I eat my peas with honey, or if ever you see a crocodile don't take a stick and poke him , may be the abiding sound track of dad and childhood but they won't do !)

Finally found this. Dad was a brilliant maker. We have his lovely furniture - even the wooden ironing board from 1950.

“Things men have made with wakened hands, and put soft life into
are awake through years with transferred touch, and go on glowing
for long years.
And for this reason, some old things are lovely
warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.”
― D.H. Lawrence

Had to tell you all.

SingingSands Tue 26-Apr-16 22:56:57

That is lovely. I'm very moved by it, yet comforted.

CMOTDibbler Wed 27-Apr-16 10:15:16

Oh, thats so lovely Helen. Hope the funeral goes as well as it can. Be kind to yourself flowers

whataboutbob Wed 27-Apr-16 13:41:34

Beautiful poem.
Dad was a class A bodger though, so I won't be nicking it for him(if it's not too much in bad taste to say that!).
I hope the funeral goes well and you feel you have done him justice.

PingPongBat Wed 27-Apr-16 20:52:17

That's just lovely.

Hope it goes well, thinking of you thanks

ssd Wed 27-Apr-16 20:56:47

thats so lovely, wish I'd kept the things my dad made.

DaisyAdair Wed 27-Apr-16 21:10:12

What a lovely verse, perfect indeed. Sorry abut your Dad, Helen.

Mine also made many lovely things - including an ironing board too that my DMum used for many years smile

thesandwich Fri 29-Apr-16 16:47:05

Helen that is perfect. I am sure you did him proud.

Member393279 Sun 15-May-16 19:39:47

That is such a moving poem and so appropriate for your Dad, from what you have said of him. You obviously have taken a great deal of time and energy to find the right one! Not any easy task when you are grieving. You are a marvel.☺

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