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Does anyone have any recommendations for a residential home near Kettering?

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midnightlurker Sun 13-Mar-16 15:04:54

Grandad is over 90, and can no longer manage at home on his own. Doesn't want to live with any of his children but has agreed to a home. Anyone know of anywhere really lovely for his last few years?

Helenluvsrob Mon 14-Mar-16 07:48:34

We looked at homes in Corby for dad about a year ago. He had a good time in respite at Thackley green but they don't do long term care. However there was a " twin" place owned by the same company that would have been our choice had he stayed there. Just looked it up -sandalwood court.

We didn't warm to seagrave house down by the bowling club. Superficially it looked very nice. Lots of activities / outings and fine crockery and napkins ( like a hotel) but if you weren't up to doing all that we weren't sure what was what. It was also made very clear many times they were not a nursing home. Which of course was true but no where else answered the " what if they deteriorate" question so bluntly. I think if you were in the really quite fit and well end of needing care it might be good but I think you'd maybe be at home unless the social isolation was a real problem.

We were shocked by the costs though. Far more than here in brum. Good luck and where ever you choose - close to people who will visit might really be the very best thing. Bring dad here from Northants was the hardest and best choice.

Also finance at Northants soc services has been " challenging" ping me for more info.

bloodyebay Mon 14-Mar-16 09:26:52

Bilton court in Wellingborough

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