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24 hour home care

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Marmitelover55 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:26:32

Hi everyone - just wondering if anyone has experience of this and if so what the best way would be to find a Carer? My dad will need to start dialysis soon and has other health problems. My mum is currently in hospital with a broken hip and has Alzheimer's.

They are quite independent though - both have been able to do personal care, but I imagine this might change now with my mums hip. Dad also does some of the cooking - the rest is meals on wheels.

I really hope my mum will be able to regain her mobility but it is difficult to say as she only broke her hip on Sunday.

Also does snyone have any experience of stair lifts?


Alohamora Wed 24-Feb-16 20:35:26

24 hour care at home is rarely provided by a LA but it's not unheard of . Direct Payments may be possible which would enable you to employ carers.

Stair lifts...have you spoken to your local Occupational Therapists?

Marmitelover55 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:38:53

Thanks - my parents would be self- funding I think.

No I haven't spoken to OT yet - that's a good idea re stair lift.

Helenluvsrob Thu 25-Feb-16 19:43:59

Thought I posted this earlier but not ,clearly !

If you need 24hr live in care make sure you have had an assessment for continuing health care funding. It's not savings related. It's the NHS paying for care for a definite profound medical need. Both your parents have those.

We had 24hr live in when mum was dying.

It wasn't hugely helpful but allowed her to be home so I have to thank them.

Your parents are probably ideal though. Care agency staff need to have so many breaks and an assumption that night care needs are minimal and the career will sleep. Those two things were rubbish for mum ( we had a lovely Muslim lady - no problems with that , but disappearing for 20 mins 5x day to pray just wasn't ok. Mum couldn't be left. We also had waking night cover to allow the day carer to sleep.

My sis is an ex pat in Spain. If you are going outside soc services etc I would look at expat workers looking to work in the uk for a couple of months. She understands they go and do 24hr full care for 6-8 weeks and rotate to go home for a time. You would have more control over them

whataboutbob Thu 25-Feb-16 21:16:17

When my Dad needed care at home (but only during the day) I would not have had a clue where to start and it was the dementia team who helped me find a care agency. We did go through 2 agencies before finding the right one. Social services should also be able to help. Are they involved already? otherwise you should be able to refer your parents to SS yourself.

PunyRun076 Fri 18-Mar-16 04:35:25

I’m so sorry to hear your current situation. It must be hard for you especially since your mum has Alzheimer’s. My friend’s dad has Dementia and I think they just looked for a carer on the Internet. If I’m not mistaken, it’s , I’m not quite sure, though. I’ve seen his dad’s Dementia attack and it’s heart-breaking. I know Alzheimer’s is kind of the same. I just wish you well and hope everything turns out fine.

hatgirl Fri 18-Mar-16 05:35:34

Even if your parents are self funding they are still entitled to the same assessments, support and services from social services as anyone else.

For example your mother may benefit from some kind of rehab/ re-enablement to get her back on her feet after being on hospital. This is often free of charge for 6 weeks. They will also support with providing equipment such as stairlifts, hand rails etc.

They will also support with pointing you in the right direction for card services.

Insist that your mother is referred to the hospital discharge social workers before she goes home and make sure a support package and equipment is in place before she is discharged.

Don't let the hospital or social services fob you off because they are self funders. The Care Act 2014 is very clear that everyone is entitled to an assessment of their needs by the local authority regardless of how much money they have.

Good luck!

Marmitelover55 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:14:04

Thanks everyone. My mum is now in a rehab type hospital which is much nearer my dad (she was in hospital 50 miles away before). I think she is making a bit of progress with walking which is good. The OT is going to go to their house to see what might be needed and my dad has been in touch with a local builder re fitting a stair lift.

Unfortunately my mum seems to have become doubly incontinent - hope this will improve.

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