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mum struggling any recommendations for carers?

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ThinkAboutItTomorrow Thu 04-Feb-16 09:08:04

My mum is suddenly starting to really struggle, forgetting quite big things and struggling to process thinking to make decisions and know what to do.

She has lost about 3.5 stone, we think mostly due to forgetting or not being bothered to eat.

Her GP is investigating the weight loss and dizziness (she has fallen 5 times in 8 weeks, ending up with stitches and black eyes).

I'm 200 miles away and have a 12 week old baby so am struggling to support her. I have someone from Home Instead care visiting her today to discuss help. Has anyone any experience of Home Instead? Or any alternatives?

angemorange Thu 04-Feb-16 13:04:34

Sounds a bit like my mum - I went with her to her GP and she got a hospital appointment very quickly for a 'one stop shop' range of assessments.

She's been diagnosed with vascular dementia following a series of mini-strokes (no symptoms so hard to spot). She had also lost weight due to not eating etc. Her memory has improved a bit due to medication the consultant has prescribed but I think this will only be short term.

The local dementia support worker has been really good and has given me loads of advice. If you had a diagnosis I think they are funded through Alzheimer's UK.

We live nearby so have taken over the cooking, shopping, washing, some housework etc. Her GP has referred her for a care package but we are still waiting for her assessment.

I haven't heard of Home Instead - I live in NI. maybe wait and see how it goes today and see what they can offer/what costs are?
You could maybe contact her GP and see what else is available - it probably varies area to area.

It's very hard when you have a baby a well - good luck!

CMOTDibbler Thu 04-Feb-16 13:30:16

Is your mums GP aware of her memory problems?

My parents have had carers in the past from Home Instead, and it was fine - but they are a franchise so it will depend on the local group. With any agency there will be a number of people who look after your mum, and they will be coming in to do specific things for their 30 minute visit.

Currently, my parents have a carer who works for herself and its much better as she has a personal relationship with them and is happy to do whatever they need - so she takes mum out in the wheelchair, sends dad for a haircut, badgers dad about the food he buys, chucks out off food, tells me when mum needs new clothes. And if she's passing and sees an ambulance she stops and checks on them.

The downside is she doesn't do everyday, and does go on holiday. So when they need more care I use a local agency to top up their care.

If you know your mums friends, ask them to see if anyone knows of a local carer - you find about people like this by word of mouth

ThinkAboutItTomorrow Thu 04-Feb-16 14:04:02

Thank you both. The GP was meant to call me today as I wanted to let her know how bad the memory thing has got, but she hasn't. Will chase up.

Thanks for the tip on the self employed carer. I am trying to move my mum closer to family so will look into someone local then, see if my aunt or uncle know anyone.

How long and how often would you say is normally needed? I know it's very hard to guess these things though.

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