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Looking for recommendations for Dorchester Care Homes (that take dementia patients)

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Snowstorm Tue 12-Jan-16 15:11:47

My father is still able to live at home for the moment but my mother is terminally ill and he wants to be involved in where he ends up, as and when the time comes, before his dementia gets too bad. I've been told to find some care homes for my brother to take my father to look at in Dorchester. I don't yet know anything about care homes (other than the horror stories that occasionally pop up in the news), so any top tips or recommendations would be hugely appreciated. TIA.

thesandwich Wed 13-Jan-16 20:16:08

Hello snowstorm. Sorry you are having to deal with all this. I visited a few for mil- dh and his sister did more ranging from the dire to the OK. I would suggest visiting without DF first to screen the dreadful ones- cost and outside appearance are no clue. One room dh reckoned smelt of tiger wee. Have a look at which ones are run by charitable trusts- look at the cqc reviews but the best source is local knowledge- ask local professionals which ones they would look at for a relative of theirs- they cannot recommend but notice which ones do not get mentioned. Good luck.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 13-Jan-16 20:24:05

I can't remember the name but my friends father was in a care home in Charlton Down, just outside Dorchester. They were very happy with his care while he was there before he died.

Agree with CQC standards and word of mouth if you can get any

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 13-Jan-16 20:27:28

Chestnut House, really nice quiet villages location, met all CQC standards when inspected in 2014.

dalmatianmad Wed 13-Jan-16 20:28:53

Have a look at the CQC website....

Snowstorm Sun 17-Jan-16 21:53:54

Hi, only just logged back on and found your replies - thank you very much for taking the time to respond, it's much appreciated.

I found the CQC reports and have been Googling care homes and then checking their reports but yes, really I need some personal thoughts and recommendations but I don't know many people who have had to find care homes for a parent with dementia and I don't live anywhere near, so am slightly at a loss as to where else to ask for recommendations - hence me coming on here.

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