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How do I find an IFA for decent care planning.

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Helenluvsrob Fri 13-Nov-15 11:51:05

Ok. I'm intelligent, and thought I understood things. Now I am being royally screwed over by soc services and which I'd just given in and gone self fundinding for dad from the start!

I was told by the social worker we could apply for the property disregard to get 12 weeks help towards full time care. As part of this I would personally be responsible for the top up fees, dad couldn't pay these himself.
So, since he moved in I've been paying top ups direct to the home. Apparently this is wrong. I should have paid thrm to soc services ( who have taken from May till now to ask for any money!).
I am also now being told that dad had too much savings to use the disregard anyway - I didn't understand from my initial research that you had a savings limit for this? If I'm wrong that's fine.
Apparently I need to pay the full amount for his care to date to soc services and get the over payment back from the home ?

Am awaiting a call back from age concern. Hopefully that'll make things clearer but I guess I need ongoing independent financial advice - but where ?

Optimist1 Fri 13-Nov-15 11:54:45

I found mine through - their specialisations are shown, so you could opt for one that would help with your dad's finances.

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