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Sigh. Why can't LA finance do their job even once ?

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Helenluvsrob Fri 06-Nov-15 14:06:30

I just knew they would fuck up !

Had a nice £14000 bill for 21 weeks care for dad as we are assessed as owing the full amount. Yep I know he needs to pay.

For 12 weeks he should get the property disregard contribution from LA as I signed the paperwork and have been paying the top up fee personally ( as apparently dad isn't allowed to pay his own top up) directly to the home AS AGREED IN MAY WITH THEM !

So all the fees for the 1st 12 weeks should have been cleared in full (LA contribution plus the top up ) and, as I've continued to pay the top up fee as it's been invoiced by the home , all I actually owe is 8 weeks equivalent to the disregards amount of £450 approx a week.

But of a difference £4K not £14k !

I think I'm actually the only one who really understands this - the finance dept don't seem too.

I'm not having any sleepless nights over it though as I don't think anyone his bills have been correct ( eg in January they wanted to charge me a months respite when he was in hospital for all but 5 days!)

Why don't they actually understand their job and why wont they communicate by email? Anyone would think they didn't want a paper trail of evidence ....

whataboutbob Fri 06-Nov-15 20:42:26

Yes it seems nowadays that fuckups are the rule rather than the exception, whoever you're dealing with. Sounds like you have it all sorted in your mind, i'm sure you're keeping good documentation and they can't force you to pay for something you don't owe. The situation is stressful enough without having to deal with incompetence. Stand firm.

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