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Countless phone calls, how do you cope?

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SorryCantBeArsed Thu 29-Oct-15 17:18:20

How do you manage the amount of calls from a parent ?
I started sorting out my dads problems, Alzheimer's, the official calls, doctors, a variety of social services staff from support workers to social workers and mental health. Then the many calls from my step m, I've tried to be there to answer as much as possible.
Dad is now in full time care but my step mum also now has Alzheimer's so I just seem to have ended up following on sorting her out too. I have two step brothers but it's me that's the first port of call. I'm happy to sort out the ss side as having just gone through it with dad I still have the contacts and most have been really helpful with getting DSM some assistance quick as they understand the presure I have had dealing with two at the same time, it did take some doing but we are getting there. The problem is the calls from DSM upwards of eight a day. Most are the same question, does she need to do anything, me going through her diary over the phone to see who's going or what's to be done
My dad only moved from hospital to care today so I've been dealing with the hospital for the last six weeks and I have a full time job
She keeps ringing me if I don't answer and when I do I tell her I'm at work she will say sorry but I need to check this and then I'm going through the same stuff as I did the hour before. I'm finding it hard to break the habit. I know one sb works nights so he is in bed during the day and the other can'talways answe his phone while at work but I need this shared a bit. I've been trying to get her into shelterd housing as I think that will help with the loneliness and where we looked was great but I'm having to repair the damage from one sb putting a spoke in the works. See I could scream thread.

Needmoresleep Thu 29-Oct-15 20:13:44

Could you try a briefing note pinned up in the kitchen which gives answers to frequently asked questions. It might provide the reassurance she is looking for. She knows that change is underway but can't remember the detail. It worked for me about 30 months ago when I first moved my mum.

My mum seems to have lost my number. Her sheltered housing have it. I don't plan to give it to her again as I found the sun-downing calls quite disturbing.

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