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Kweaver0601 Mon 03-Aug-15 05:34:27

I'm a 14 year old girl teenager in Oregon. I live with my adopted parents adopted sister, and kitten. My mom, who had fully raised 2 biological boys before me. And my dad, who had not raised any children before me. About 10 years or so before they adopted me, they met and married in Colorado. I was born in China, abandoned (long story) then adopted out to my current American family at about 1 year and 4 months. My mom is 66 years old now, and my dad is 63 years old right now. My parents are really old for my current age, and I'm now completely aware of that. My dad is okay, he can still keep up with us, he is happy and helpful in many ways. My mom is good too, but she is older than my dad, and has a lot of health complications. She has had pnemonia, heart attacks (two because of me), breast cancer, broken ankle, tumors, sprained ankle and slight PTSD after losing my older brother to cancer. She is currently having a lot of coughing, knee pain, and can't really do anything. No walks, cleaning, shopping, ect. I understand that she is older and sick, but she is on a lot of medications, and has been constantly on/off sick/injured since I was 11 years old. I'm really upset, sad and annoyed with her being sick and injured all the time.
Her diet isn't too helpful either, as she doesn't really eat too healthy. Mostly junk food and treats with occasional healthy meals or so.
She is a little overprotective. I ant go anywhere alone without her permission. No sleepovers at all, period. Play dates, maybe... there has to be an adult home, and she has to know what we will be doing. She has to know the parents of the friend I'm meeting with, and if she doesn't know, then no play date. Oh yeah, and I can't hang out with boys unless it's just at school. No dating. I don't want to date, but I do have a friend that is my friend. I AM NOT DATING HIM THOUGH. I've always been kinda friend distant at school because of this, but also because I'm super weird, serious and such a teachers pet, I guess. I'm not allowed to learn to ride a skateboard or use a gun (understandable). Is she overprotective?
I really want to help her, but I just want her to be capable of being my mom. Going with me to places, exercising, having fun, smiling. Am I just beating up on my mom or am I being legitimate? Please tell me the truth, no sugarcoating. I just want advice. Good or bad. Please just say what you think about my mom or whatever. I just want to hear what others think about my "normal mom life". Remember, I'm 14, she's 66. Thanks for any and all comments. ��

Kweaver0601 Mon 03-Aug-15 05:40:07

Oh, by the way, just to be super super clear: BOTH MY MOM AND DAD ARE NOT PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY OR SEXUAL ABUSIVE. If anything, I'm a little parentaly abusive... idk

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