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Elderly Parent & mental breakdown

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allibaba Sun 19-Jul-15 12:39:44

Would like some practical advice on where to go with this please.

FIL has a history of mental illness over the years. He is a narc and has exceptionally disfunctional relationships with my SIL and my DH. He had a breakdown several years ago which resulted in him having a stint in a Psyc unit for some time.

After a period of relative stability he has been in hospital twice in the last few months with different health conditions which we believe are as a result of him not taking his different meds. We suspect he is not taking his medical meds correctly because he has come off his ADs which he needs to keeping taking in order for him to be able to function "normally" i.e. clean himself, cook, eat etc.

So the NHS are getting ready to discharge him again before he is stable i.e. back on the ADs properly. His house is huge, unsuitable for him to cope with. We feel that it would be better for him to be in a retirement flat / apartment that has warden control and get a paid care assistant in to make sure he's taking his meds and eating.

I know Age UK do care visits but we don't believe he will open the door to them as he currently has a cleaner who he doesn't allow to clean the house.

My DH has injuring power of attorney but we think he needs lasting power of attorney instead so that he can take care of FILs health and wellbeing.

My basic question is, does anyone have experience of dealing with someone who is mentally ill and getting them to down size / change their living arrangements so that they can continue to live by themselves without having to go for full residential care?

Any advice is appreciated smile

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