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potentially depressed elderly relative

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skiingcat Sun 28-Jun-15 22:05:56

My elderly relative lives by herself follow the death of her husband 4 years ago. She has always been quiet and nervous. Before she moved next to her daughter she claimed she would do all sorts of social activities as her previous location stopped her being able to in her opinion. Anyway she refuses to even go to the local shop by herself, her friend kept inviting her out and she kept saying no so friend has stopped asking, she gets invited to bingo teas etc by family but refuses to go. She claims she's never invited anywhere which is not true. What can we do to help her?

whataboutbob Tue 30-Jun-15 13:39:47

Didn't want your post to go unanswered. There could be various reasons for her reluctance to leave the house. Depression is an obvious one, or maybe agoraphobia. Some people are propped up by a spouse who allows them not to confront their difficulties, by compensating for them.
How does she manage things like shopping etc? Does her daughter do it all? How does the daughter feel about her mum, is she stressed by it? If the daughter is main carer/ support and does not want to address these difficulties, then there's probably little that can be done.
A first stop might be to contact her GP, say you know he/ she cannot disclose anything because of confidentiality, but these are your concerns. Would a referral to psychogeriatricians be indicated?
Good luck, but I suspect that unless her daughter at least (and of course ideally herself) want to do something about the situation, I suspect there's little you can do.

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