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Any Ideas Please??

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Sunny67 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:41:06

Dad has Alzheimers and my DSM has also been diagnosed recently, so it is not an easy situation as neither are particularly willing to have outside help.
Yesterday i got a call from DSM to say the tv wasn't working and sky were coming out today. she was pretty confused at the time and had called from her mobile not the house phone. When I asked why she said the house phone wasn't working either. We had this last week too because it had been unplugged. So I asked her to look at the phone socket, it was plugged in so I said to try the lights. The kitchen was ok but not the rest of the house, the kitchen is an extension so on a different mains board. She couldn't see under the stairs as no lights working so I was stuck. I was at work so i called my step brothers to see if anyone could go round. none of us are close by, 45 mins away. One brother went last night to find the mains were switched off!
Dad has done this before, while I've been there, the mains for the kitchen that time. It was working, I went upstairs came back down and it was off, I thought it had tripped, put it back on two mins later it was off, It wasn't until it happened a third time that I caught him doing it. The extension one is a modern fuse board but the rest of the house is old fashioned fuse wire type. I has asked an electrician about having it replaced with a new one which he said he could do but he was concerned that if there was any weakness it would keep tripping out. There is no way they could cope with having a full rewire. I have no idea how to keep him away from the fuse board as it it under the stairs where they have the usuals, coats shoes vac etc. putting a lock on it is not an option as he would break it off if he couldn't open it. Any ideas??

hiddenhome Sun 21-Jun-15 12:04:22

Could you arrange to have it boxed in and then padlocked?

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