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Getting ready for 24hr care. Tips / tricks?

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Theas18 Wed 11-Feb-15 12:27:56

Mum getting ready to come out with 24hr care as end of life plan. This is amazing I reckon.

Have very cluttered house. Have cleared lounge a lot and there is bed space ( coming tomorrow ) the rest of the equipment is on order too and care agency assessing her today in hospital.

I need to make the place as carer friendly as I far I've

Cleared all old medication out abs am taking it to chemist
Shredded all the old discharge letters etc to avoid confusion
Cleared some space in Kitchen - mum unlikely to want much to eat but carer presumably needs tea / coffee etc it's still pretty cluttered sad

I shall put out ..
Tena pants , baby wipes
Nighties/ dressing gown
Towels/ flannels
Toiletries are obvious in bathroom
Fleece blankets etc

Valuables all out of the house ( I think - it's so bloody cluttered!)

What else do I need to think / sort?

This is oddly so positive. It's what mum wants so I'm going yo maje it happen in the best way it can.

magimedi Wed 11-Feb-15 13:05:25

Make sure that the carers know where the mains gas, electricity & water shut off points are. Also any idiosyncracies (sp?) with washing machines, plumbing etc. And how central heating timer works. And which day the bins are to be put out on.

In fact you could make a list of all this stuff & pin it on a kitchen cupboard along with your contact number.

If I think of anything else I'l come back.

I am so pleased for you (having read your other thread) that something is happening at last.

I hope your mother's last days are a peaceful & pain free as possible.

twentyten Thu 12-Feb-15 20:38:46

Hi thea. Following your story. Ideas from me- cleaning stuff accessible/ loo rolls etc
What about a book for carers/ you to leave messages/ information?
Hope it happens quickly

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